7 Months Old

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Vera was 7 months 3 weeks old.

Always a good time when these two come to visit… and it’s always a good idea to throw them a last minute baby party! 👶🏻🍼💕 So so cute how attached @dj.pasion got to Auntie @hanhy3! And baby Roc with Auntie @twindlenee! We love you both 😘😘😘 @grillipino21 @mvp_0306 @alexpkeaton19 @i_m_laud @jrdelfin26 @naudebynature @kingkool68 @c.g.walsh7 @birry1210 @russysongco @miss.pasion

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Vera was 7 months 2 weeks old.

||Parent Life|| Torturing our babies and kids to get cute pictures, boomerangs, and videos. Get togethers nowadays are now baby/kid get togethers. Sleep deprived parents and milk drunk kids instead of sleep deprived partiers and whiskey drunk acting like kids. When the most exciting thing that has happened to us is the daycare at the gym and a slide at the pool….

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Vera was 7 months 2 weeks old.

From infancy to toddlerhood, an example of an epic fail in taking a group pic of our kiddos. 😂 Not sure if any of us got a pic where they are all looking in the general direction of the cameras, the struggle is real…. 🤣🤣🤣 #babylife #toddlerlife #friendswithkids #grouppicfail #gettogethersbelike #RilePips #zadiealyssa #veraaddison @dj.pasion @youngshinifer @grillipino21 @i_m_laud @jrdelfin26 @naudebynature @c.g.walsh7 @alexpkeaton19

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Vera was 7 months 2 weeks old.

I was so happy to make it to New York City to help celebrate one of my best friends baby shower! There was so much love in the room for baby boy Liam! Congrats Amy & Steve!

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