October 2017

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Vera was 7 months 4 weeks old.

I wasn’t going to make any Halloween costumes this year but I guess I couln’t get away with it. Zadie loves the movie Trolls and I wanted to her to be a Princess Poppy with a friend but everything I found was too expensive or not nice looking. I also wanted Vera to match so I made her Smidge. I made the hair for both, headband & dress for Poppy. I wish you could see more of her dress but Zadie was grumpy and this was the only picture of her smiling!

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Vera was 7 months 4 weeks old.

Princess Poppy, Smidge, & Branch from the movie Trolls! Zadie & Connor love Trolls so much but the funny thing is Poppy is usually the happy one and Branch is the grumpy one in the movie!

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